How to Choose the Right Budget Friendly Shower System for Your Remodel

Budget Friendly Shower System

Budget Friendly Shower System

There are many types of shower systems available today. Whether you are selecting a shower system for a new bathroom or you want to add an aftermarket shower head or accessory to enhance your bathing experience, it’s likely you can find what you are looking for by browsing online or taking a trip to your local home fixtures store. What may be problematic is making your decision easily after viewing the options. It’s important to have an idea what your budget is so you are not tempted to overspend once you begin shopping. Learn to choose the right shower system for your remodel using this step-by-step process.

Set Your Budget

Today’s shower fixtures can range from a few dollars into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Sketch out in advance what you want out of the shower system you purchase. With the number of available aftermarket add-ons and fixtures, such as customized shower heads and whole shower/tub systems, you may not need to purchase an all-in-one shower system to accomplish your goal. If you have an idea of what your budget is before you begin shopping, you will have a benchmark for deciding whether you can add to your existing system or whether you need to replace it.

Consider a Shower Panel

A shower panel can offer multi-functionality in a single shower system at a fraction of a high-end custom shower system’s cost. Today’s shower panels come in different colors and materials with equally as many extra options and features. Shower panels feature both an overhead spray and handheld shower head option. They offer extra features such as water massage jets, different shower head attachments, tub spouts for tub attachments and more. You may get many or all of the features you desire in your shower/bath with a shower panel.

Plan for Safety

While your mind may be fixated on luxury and relaxation while you are planning your remodel, it is also important to consider the safety implications of any shower system you install. If very young or elderly people will be using the shower or tub, you may want to select a multi-purpose shower system that offers an overhead and a handheld shower option plus a tub spout for seated showering or bathing options. You will also want to install handrails, a grab bar, safety rails and secure non-slip flooring materials. If you are remodelling a home you plan to live in your golden years, these additions can ease that transition for you as well.

Evaluate Your Existing Plumbing

It is easy to get carried away when exploring the different shower system options on the market today. But you should not make a decision until you have evaluated how your existing plumbing is set up, and what it will and won’t accommodate. As many homeowners have learned the hard way, relocating or re-routing existing plumbing can become pricy and challenging. For instance, if you decide to add a tub, be sure your existing water heater has adequate capacity to heat the water amount that the tub can hold. Also, check to see if your drain system can accommodate the outflow of your new shower system. Another important consideration is to match the number of valves on your new shower system to the existing number of valves you have or make the required upgrades before installing the system. This way you are assured of having adequate water pressure and water flow.

By factoring in your overall budget for a shower system, addressing shower safety concerns, evaluating and upgrading existing plumbing and considering all-in-one systems like shower panels, you can feel confident about picking the best shower system for your remodel.


About the Author: Daniel Laury began as a general contractor by overseeing the remodel of his home. Today, he owns his own construction company and counsels clients about buying the right appliances for the space.

How to Choose the Right Budget Friendly Shower System for Your Remodel