How to have a great social life without breaking the bank

Social life breaking the bank

Social life breaking the bank

We all enjoy having a good time out with our friends, however in many cases the costs involved in a weekend of social pursuits can amount to quite an alarming percentage of your hard earned cash! Use the following tips to help you keep a handle on your finances whilst continuing to enjoy a fun and active social life.

Have a drink at home

The bar scene is great, particularly for those currently in the market to meet a new lady friend or attractive gentleman. But for those of us just interested in a drink with friends a noisy and crowded bar can often be counter productive to a social atmosphere. Over paying for expensive drinks while struggling to hear your friends talk over the latest booming dance hit is not everyone’s idea of a great night. So if your priority is to enjoy the company of your friends, perhaps consider moving the rendezvous to a house. You have total control over the music style and amplitude, with your choice of cold drinks from the fridge as and when you please. And no need to worry about getting an expensive taxi home – assuming your friends do not judge you for passing out on their sofa in the wee hours of the night.

Go out and explore somewhere you’ve never been before

There is a whole wide world out there and you’ve barely seen any of it. You don’t even have to book a flight to the other side of the world to experience the thrill of an adventure with your friends, there are plenty of opportunities closer to home if you look for them. Why not consider taking the day to explore the streets of a new town you’ve never visited or take a new hiking route through the local hills, just remember to bring a map and be well prepared for any mishaps along the way.

Make or learn something together

This can be something as simple as spending the evening together and cooking a nice meal to enjoy with each other, it can also be as ambitious as learning a new language or becoming origami masters. There is a huge library of teaching content available on the internet for you to utilise for free, the possibilities are endless and will guarantee countless entertaining evenings with friends as you work together to improve yours skills and talents.

Be digitally social

Now this suggestion may not be for everyone, but many people enjoy fulfilling friendships almost exclusively through social media and texting. Often it’s simply the act of keeping in touch with our friends that can satisfy our social needs. This is regardless of whether contact is established face to face, on the phone or indeed through something like facebook or twitter. In the modern age it’s easier and cheaper than ever to take the time to reach out and stay connected with those you care about.

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How to have a great social life without breaking the bank