How to Send Money Abroad and Save Money by Using a Currency Broker

Whether you are buying a house or giving money to a friend, sending money abroad can be quite a complicated process and you may find yourself having to pay lots of extra transfer and commission charges.

One of the best ways to send money abroad is by using a currency broker. Currency brokers specialise in helping people transfer money abroad in the most hassle-free and cheapest way possible. Below is a guide to how to send money and save money by using a currency broker.

Different Countries Regulations

Every different country has different rules and regulations when it comes to transferring money. While some will charge very little, if anything at all, other countries charge a high percentage of the amount you are sending, as commission for themselves.

Sending money abroad

Sending money abroad

Sending money abroad is easier than you would think

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As every nation is different it is best to speak to the currency broker and tell them the country you wish to send money to. With their vast knowledge and experience they will be able to help and guide you through the entire process, offering specific advice for your personal situation. This bespoke and professional service will definitely help make the process a lot less stressful.

Regular Payments

If you want to start making regular payments abroad, for example, if you want to support a child or organisation overseas, then you can set up a regular payment scheme. These are slightly different to one-off payments and once you have set it up it will continue however regularly you wish without you having to request a transfer manually every time.

While some currency brokers may ask you to sign up for a minimum period if you want to set up a regular payment, there are brokers that do not require any tie-in. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to stop the regular payments whenever you want.

Most Competitive Rates

Currency brokers offer the most competitive exchange rates available, which can definitely save you money. As the exchange rates are constantly changing it can be hard knowing whether or not you’re getting a good deal, but one way to ensure this is by choosing to go through a currency broker.

currency broker

currency broker

Using a currency broker can save you money.

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They also offer lower transfer fees than the large majority of banks and they do not charge commission. This kind of blatant advantage is definitely a money saving choice that you can’t deny!

Experienced and Quick

With the amount of experience and knowledge they have, currency brokers are definitely the best people equipped to help you get a good deal. They offer professional, up to date advice that can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.

Using a currency broker to send money abroad is also usually one of the fastest ways to get the money there. It can be in the bank account abroad within a matter of hours or a few days depending on the country it is being sent to.

Currency brokers have a vast amount of experience and can offer you a quick and hassle free way of sending money abroad, so why not take advantage of their great skills?


Learning how to send money abroad can be quite a complicated and stressful experience if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. However, using a currency broker is a great way to solve this issue. They can save you lots of time and money, as well as offering a professional and friendly service. With so many benefits it’s easy to see why so many people choose to use a currency broker to send money abroad.

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How to Send Money Abroad and Save Money by Using a Currency Broker